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Recommended Products

We stock various health and wellness products for our clients. We are continually reviewing current products and updating our offerings to include only the finest available. We sell our recommended products locally and are not prepared to ship purchases. Only the supplements purchased through the Natural Dispensary (online) or Nutri-West order system (telephone) can be shipped directly to you. For Nutri-West, you must obtain an account number from LCW.

Clients may purchase products during our normal office hours, no appointment necessary. You are welcome to contact our office for information on the various products. If a selected product is not in stock, we will order the product and call when it is ready for pickup.

Order from Order from the Natural Dispensary

We offer supplements from various reputable brands sold only through a licensed health care professional such as LCW. These supplements include well known brands such as:

Supplements are not the only products we offer. Our most popular products include:

In addition to the above hot sellers, other notable products include:

Detailed information on the above products is provided below. We offer many other products not listed here, and further information can be obtained from LCW staff.

Note: prices are subject to change.

Back Vitalizer

Back Vitalizer Price: $50.00

The Back Vitalizer is a proprioceptive therapy device that provides the combined benefits of neuromuscular stimulation, custom lumbar support, posture positioning, balance training, and spine decompression. Clinically designed to sit-on, lie-on and stand-on, this light, seat-sized device can be folded away for use later in offices, classrooms, vehicles and elsewhere.

Product List


Biofreeze Price: $11.00 - $36.00

Biofreeze relieves pain in sports injuries, arthritis, sore muscles and joints, sprains and backache. It works using cryotherapy, a process which cools the area and relieves pain by reducing blood flow to the area and reducing the ability of the nerves to conduct pain stimuli. Biofreeze contains Ilex, an herb extracted from a South American holly shrub for traditional use by Paraguayan Indians, and helps penetration of affected areas. Biofreeze is sold in tube, pump, spray and roll-on formats in various sizes.

Product List

Core Leg Spacer

Core Leg Spacer Price $30.00

The Core Leg Spacer is designed to help relieve pressure and strain on the lower back, knees and ankles by keeping your legs aligned with your spine while you sleep. The unique, hour-glass shape moves with you when you turn over, eliminating the need to strap the product to your legs. Available in standard and petite size, and with a variety of optional covers.

Product List

Core Orthpedic Pillows

Core Orthpedic Pillow Price: $28.00 - $37.00

Core orthopedic pillows are designed for proper neck support and alignment. Their pillows gently support the neck to relieve pain and restore natural curvature, and are comfortable for both back and side sleepers. Their Tri-Core line is made from premium quality fiber and is offered in selectable firmness (firm or gentle) and size (petite, mid, and standard).

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Core Sitback Rest

Core Back Supports Price: $35.00

The Core Sitback Rest promotes proper posture in any chair while providing support and comfort for your lower back. It has side-support wings to ensure ultimate comfort by helping you maintain the correct position while seated. Can be used at home, office, in your car or other locations where you sit with back support. Made from precision-cut foam and covered with a durable fabric cover. Available in black, blue or gray.

Product List

Foot Levelers Orthotics

Foot Levelers Orthotics Price: based on size,
firmness, etc.

Spinal Pelvis Stabilizers are custom-made orthotics from Foot Levelers. They offer various products, insuring optimal results for foot balancing. Foot imbalances often cause little pain to the feet, but instead transfer pain to other areas of the body including knees, back and neck.

By balancing the feet, Stabilizers help improve posture, enhance the body's performance and efficiency, reduce pain, and contribute to total body wellness. The orthotics support all three arches of the foot, creating a balanced base.

Product List

Greens First

Greens First Price: $39.95

Greens First is a food supplement that is the equivalent of a 10 plus serving of fruits and vegetables in every serving of this antioxidant powder. You can rebalance and rejuvenate your body and your health with a daily serving of organic Greens First.

It's the delicious and fast way for the entire family to enjoy the phytonutrient and antioxidant benefits of a diet rich in dark greens and brightly colored fruits and vegetables in one easy-to-use product.

Product List

Metagenics EPA-DHA

Metagenics EPA-DHA Price: $17.00 - $20.00

EPA-DHA from Metagenics is a totally natural source of the omega-3 essential fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), concentrated from cold water fish oil.

EPA-DHA helps to support proper cardiovascular, nervous, and immune system function and provides nutritional support to help maintain healthy triglyceride levels.

Both regular and extra strength are available in either softgel or liquid form that is either enteric-coated or lemon flavored.

Product List

Metagenics Ultra Flora Plus

Metagenics Ultra Flora Plus Price: $32.00 - 34.00

Ultra Flora Plus provides advanced probiotic nutrition with Fructooligosaccharides and Immunoglobulins, in a formula with highly viable, pure strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis along with supportive factors.

It provides intestinal and digestive support on multiple levels by helping to maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora and support healthy immune function.

Both powder and capsule forms are available, along with formulas for abdominal discomfort (IB) and for dairy free diets (DF).

Product List

Metagenics Wellness Essentials

Metagenics Wellness Essentials Price: $60.00 - $72.00

Wellness Essentials is a combination of three popular Metagenics products conveniently packaged together in single-serving packets for enhanced compliance and ease of use.

Different formulas targeting specific functional areas offers an excellent way to eliminate the guesswork and confusion regarding daily foundation nutrition. Formulas exist for regular, advanced/intensive (AI), men, women, pregnancy, blood sugar support and joint focus.

Product List

Olympian Labs Glucosalage

Olympian Labs Glucosalage Olympian Labs Glu-Chon-MSM Price: $29.00 - $35.00

Olympian Labs Glucosalage SO4 is an advanced natural formulation for use in the relief of arthritis, containing a unique combination of Shark Cartilage, Glucosamine Sulfate and Cat's Claw, along with added enzymes and rare botanicals that help fight the battle against common joint disorders and pain. It is available in both regular and extra strength, and also optionally supplemented with Chondroitin and MSM.

Product List

SaltAire by Rhinaris

SaltAire by Rhinaris Price: $13.00

SaltAire by Rhinaris promotes nasal hygiene solution. It's a saline nasal wash that clears nasal passages to help prevent and relieve sinus, allergy, cold and flu symptoms. It washes away irritants to help you breathe more easily.

SaltAire is pre-mixed with no need to clean the dispenser after each use, so it takes less than a minute a day.

SaltAire was created by the founding doctors of the New York Sinus Center, one of the leading medical facilities for the treatment of sinus-related ailments.

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Other Notable Products

Airpack Backpacks

Ergonomic Airpack Backpacks Price: $50.00 - $60.00

Core Products Airpack ergonomic backpack uses a patented air transfer system with an inflatable lumbar cushion that inflates and deflates. The adjustable wide foam-cushioned shoulder straps redistribute weight from the shoulders to the hips and lower back, and helps provide back pain relief by promoting an upright standing position and enhancing the body's natural ability to properly carry weight.

The Airpack comes in small, medium and large sizes, and in a variety of color combinations.

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Chiro-Klenz Tea Price: $18.00

Chiro-Klenz is an an effective cleansing tea, containing selected medicinal herbs, which by help eliminate toxic build-up in the body and enhances the effectiveness of chiropractic therapies. Natural herbs included are Locus Plant and Malva Vericellata, which aid in digestion, and Gynostemma, which aids in weight loss.

Product List

Posture Pump

Posture Pump Price: $220.00

The Posture Pump is inflated to rock and stretch the thoraco, lumbar and pevic areas of the spine into its natural eliptical configuration with uniquely angled air cells that create a multi-vectored force. It relieves back stiffness and discomfort through it's dual inflation mechanism that gradually lifts, stretches and separates the joints and promotes disc and joint lubrication.

Product List

Posture Traction Units

Posture Traction Units Price: call

Various traction units are available for posture improvement and pain relief. The unit shown, from Circurlar Traction, is unique because it allows ambulatory posture remodelling.

Other traction units are available from Core Products, Saunders and others. Most units are non-ambulatory overhead systems involving an adjustable head harness with a counter-weight to provide the necessary traction to alleviate pressure on the spinal column.

Product List


Valeo Fitness Body Balls Price: $18.00 - $32.00

Valeo Fitness Body Balls help improve strength, posture balance, coordination and flexibility. Each therapy ball comes with an instuctional exercise DVD for a complete body workout, with each exercise involving several muscle groups.

The burst resistant ball, with included fast pump, is specially formulated for slow deflation if punctured. Select the ball that's sized for your specific height. Sizes are 55cm for 5'0" to 5'3" (purple), 65cm for 5'4" to 6'0" (green or pink), and 75cm for 6'1" to 6'9" (gray).

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Resist-a-Band Exercise Loops Price: based on number
and resistance

Resist-a-Band loop exercise bands are easy and comfortable to use for toning hips, legs and arms. The therapy bands are in one circular piece, lie flat and never knot. They are 3" wide and 36" long, and are ideal for lower body toning and conditioning and They are ideal for exercise utilizing a continuous loop band without the need for tying.

The bands are color coded based on resistance: light is orange and medium is green. Heavy resistance is blue and available by special order.

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Therabeads Heat Pack

Therabeads Heat Pack Price: $35.00

Therabeads heat pack delivers moist, uniform heat safely and effectively at the correct temperature levels to help relieve soreness and stiffness. Heating uses the convenience of a microwave oven, without water or electricity like conventional heat packs. The standard 9" x 12" size (shown) is ideal for most parts of body, including the shoulders, knees and back. Other sizes and styles available by special order.

Product List

Vestibular Disc

Body Sport Balance Disc Price: $36.00

The inflatable vestibular disc is a versatile training tool to be used in a wide variety of settings to address balance and joint stabilization by activating major muscle groups. It can be used standing, sitting, kneeling, laying down or in tandem with exercise equipment such as balls, resistance loops or two at a time. You can stand, lunge or squat your way to improved strength, coordination, and proprioception.

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