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Our Mission

Dr. Harrington Dr. Laura Harrington

Liverpool Chiropractic & Wellness (LCW) is dedicated to acheiving optimal wellness naturally for all our clients.

Our approach to health care is holistic, focusing on our clients' overall wellness by recognizing the many factors that effect health.

To facilitate understanding of chiropractic wellness, LCW has answers for the frequently asked questions (FAQ) and hosts various educational events.

By becoming a client of LCW, you can be assured of receiving the finest chiropractic care in your journey to wellness.

Chiropractic Benefits

Chiropractic care provides many benefits, which is supported by much research conducted over the years. The benefits are realized from chiropractic techniques applied together with massage and and a natural, drugless approach to health care. Benefits include:

To find out if you will benefit from chiropractic care, contact us to schedule a no obligation consultation.

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